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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  November 16, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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shootingetails in the house.e white looking into whether a bullet hit a window is connected to the shooting. the man wanted in the incident be a threat to pro-growth. it is wednesday, november 16. i'm cynne simpson. >> we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey, good morning. >> we have been talking about the rain., take a look at the radar. you will see the rain mainly of 66 in virginia crossing potomac. 66 is being hit by the rain but is south of there. moving into southern maryland or have the bulk of moisture. temperatures are mild. on our way to the 60's this
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afternoon. a summer storm later on today east of interstate 95. far south and east of the metro area. tomorrow, breezy and cooler. few morning showers. highs near 50 degrees. near 50 despite the sunshine. temperatures rebound into the weekend by sunday. what is the latest on the road? >> there had been an accident but it is gone. open leading toward college park. there was an accident on 66 on washington boulevard that they just call the way the rest of the vehicles. worries inside the beltway. good.irections look very see if i can pull up a camera for you. there we are at the wilson
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bridge. isn't that beautiful? be careful. investigators wants to know if damage at the white house is linked to the gunfire. the secret service says a bullet window but was blocked by ballistic class. police believe oscar ortega was person who opened fire. authorities say they are he may be a threat to president obama. was not home at the time. detectives in prince county are looking for behind to deadly shootings. night in was last heights. shot to death outside apartment building. then a man was shot in oxen hill. he died in the hospital.
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police have not released the of the victims or any motive. we are hearing from a after beingresigned arrested for being drunk on the job. he used to teach at a middle school. dick korff has more on this one. >> accused of being drunken was quick to defend himself tuesday night. >> you're not drinking on the job? was the blood alcohol content? >> he declined to answer. staff suspected that their was drunk on the job. >> staff members detected the odor of alcohol. they went to administration. they call the sheriff's office. not say where the consumed dark hall failed a field sobriety over theh means it was
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legal limit to drive. >> you expect better. parents find it hard to someone entrusted would exerciseen such poor judgment. >> it is repulsive. >> a spokesperson says students aware of the incident. he was suspended on tuesday and beinged and charged with drunk in public. officials tell me that he passed his background check a couple of when he started working. he worked in the county school system. new revelations from one of the players in the penn state sex abuse scandal. he told the grand journey --
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jury he saw jerry sandusky rape a young boy. joe paterno never went to the police. that he stopped assault and did go to police. >> describe your emotions right now. >> all over the place. shaken. crazy. >> he is on administrative leave. sandusky admits showering with .ids he says it was never sexual. the military is saluting airlines, pushing a closer to bankruptcy. that, here is at bloomberg headquarters. >> good morning. ready, index futures
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little changed. we continue to watch for any of europe.s out investors are getting a report living from the labor department ahead of the opening bell. as you mentioned, at american continues to fly on wall street as it tries to end a with the pilot union. a recent proposal offers smaller increases than what they had wanted. analysts say the company may to have a filing. the carrier is making the list of the top military employers for the third year. it is the only airline to be included on the list. going out of business sales? i will have more on that and why more americans are pushing off retirement until 80. of that in the next hour. in the next hour.
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>> wal-mart plans to build more in d.c. line vincent gray will make the announcement today. the towne will be at center. other in northeast d.c. expected toes are create 2400 jobs. big changes at the airport. air-traffic airways shifted its from concourse a d two terminal ab. air tran is now a subsidiary of southwest. are now in the ab.inal all flights will operate from the concourse b. 57 degrees. come, now is your
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chance to become astronauts. what an asset is saying about opportunity. the latest on the crackdown against the encampment all country.e how protesters are reacting.
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>> 56 degrees right now. a mild start to the day. we had a cold front yesterday have yeteal cold air push to our region. that will be later on tonight. notice i do have the temperatures on the screen. also the areas of green indicates rain that we have. even some moderate showers moving into southern maryland. it is starting to penetrate the beltway and crossover the parts of maryland. a damp day today. look all this extra moisture to our south west. some of that is pushing our way. and isolated thunderstorms later on today east of interstate 95. in terms of rainfall, anywhere an inch with high
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mid 60' in the a comfortable day despite the rain showers. tomorrow, rain through the night. we will break into some afternoon sunshine. cooler and breezy. sunshine on friday but remaining cool. what is the latest with the road? out of they coming neighborhood. to report.s we had one on 66. let's look at the camera. i understand the crash is gone. i love the ring that he had bytes make. 66 great. the crash is completely gone. 270, headlights on the way to the beltway. the red is northbound on the way to the frederick. back to the news desk.
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holocaust up, survivors will testify before a committee in support of the justice act. why some survivors say it is than a piece of legislation. after cancelling trips, headed toobama is australia.
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holocaust survivors will go hill today. they're scheduled to testify in support of the holocaust rail justice act. it would allow survivors to sue french rocca company over transporting tens of of jews and other prisoners to death camps. theou can never bring back victims. -- money is an token. to fess up you did something wrong. >> they have apologized but it has not commented on this legislation. company may bid for contracts. nasa is launching its biggest push to hire new astronauts. you have to have a
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inhelor's degree engineering, physical science, format. apply online on the but there's one hitch nasa no longer has its own spaceship and descending fewer people into orbit. some space pioneers will be honored in the rotunda. a congressional ceremony will be held this morning for john , a n strong, michael collins and buzz aldrin. the highest civilian honor. ike will launch an hour for the new carry-on bag lot. will charge 5 cents for each paper or plastic bag. the money will go to the which fundsund restoration and cleanup. could come in the
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of eight activists being for unlawful assembly and obey an officer. among 41 people in april when they traffic on constitution to protest a constitutional interference. rather be in would jail than let congress controlled d.c. finances. the occupied d.c. movement is taking action after the york city.s in new a judge ruled that they could to the park but they .annot bring sleeping bags that ruling led to some protests in d.c. they marched to show support. >> it only makes this movement grow. come back bigger and better. >> i heard what happened in new york. join in the march.
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>> the protesters are saying yorkhat the new have arators to not go, they are coming in d.c. by thanksgiving. officials are looking into the background of a man shot by police inside the business school at berkeley. this happen yesterday about a from where protesters demonstrating. police shot the man when he raised the gun toward them. word on his condition. president obama has visitled his promise to australia. the president arrives in the few hours ago. he and the prime minister increase thens to u.s. military presence. president obama is scheduled to to the parliament tomorrow. 56 degrees. >> coming up, we finally know which couples are going to compete on "dancing with the
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adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. a mild start to the day. we will cease and cool air later
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front of dropsld in this afternoon. ahead of the front we have some rain infiltrating route 50 into maryland along 95. also in and around the beltway. look at the mild and numbers. 56 and the district. 55 in manassas. here is the view showing moisture down to or southwest along the boundary. area of low pressure along that front. give us a good shot at showers this afternoon and tonight. rumbles ofve a few thunder in southern maryland. maybe severe thunderstorms south of the metro area. high temperatures in the mid 60's. afternoon sunshine and a little breezy. probably deal with an showers this time
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tomorrow. is slippery out of the neighborhood getting to the beltway. overnight construction right now through tyson. good to and from the wilson of alexandria. a nice ride near andrews air force base. good at the american legion bridge and we were sure you a in montgomery county. we are quiet at new hampshire avenue. a little bit of road spray. keep that in mind. guys will be a dynamic l.a.n "dancing with the stars," yours hopeo say so long to solo. this means they're going to the finals.
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>> hop and max. >> they lasted for nine weeks of competition. it was turbulent and combative often emotional. when hope learned she would not champion, she plans to go the gold. using the talents to make her a star in the first place. >> i am going to try to win a gold medal. she attempted one interview left before wiping away tears. said she wanted to talk but was too hard. partner skipped the press altogether but the three did on each one excited about what is come. are you surprised? >> yes. was never the favorite of everybody. odds on the online
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betting on these shows. like i am beating the odds. >> there is no turning back. i am in the finals. i want the trophy. >> we deserve to be in the take home a trophy. i don't know what she has but i'm going to be let's do it. >> when they come back next week, when of the members you is the freestyle. >> this is it. down to the wire. 56 degrees. ahead, reason to brag this morning. how he m [ female announcer ] maybe you're one of them. ♪ one of the always electrifying...
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developments in the shooting house.e white the secret service is looking whether a bullet is connected. we hear from a local teacher who resigned after being for being drunk at school. >> this process has to play out. >> the man who claims he caught raping a boy.usky what else he is saying about


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